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Item 14: Les Bernard Vintage Brooch -
Smooth coppery goldtone Maltese cross pin with large amethyst colored unfoiled glass stones. Hunter green and amethyst rhinestone accents. Very striking. Les Bernard starting manufacturing jewelry in the 1960s and the jewelry is very well made. Condition: Excellent. Size: 3". Signed: Les Bernard.- $145.00

Item 24: Robert Pearl Pin -
Very much in the Miriam Haskell style but by Robert. Russian goldtone vintage pin with handwired creamy pearls and clear rhinestones. Open center. Signed: Original by Robert © in an artists palette. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2.4".- $135.00

Item 33: Ora Earrings -
Vintage Goldtone clip earrings with striking rosy pin marquise rhinestones. Signed: Ora. Size: 1". Condition: Excellent.- $20.00

Item 45: Pennino Floral Vase Brooch -
A beautifully constructed pin in sterling silver with a gold vermeil. The vase has both a rosegold and gold vermeil. The top of the brooch has pave bright pink rhinestones. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2.5" by 1.5". Signed: Pennino Sterling.- $185.00

Item 117: Christian Dior Clip Earrings -
Goldtone shell shaped earrings with clear rhinestone accents. The backs of the earrings are brushed goldtone and the fronts are smooth. Signed: Chr. Dior ©. Condition: Excellent. Size; 1.5".- $65.00

Item 166: Art Dangle Earrings -
Goldtone clip earrings with alternating rhinestones in blue and green. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2" by .75". Signed: Art ©. The MODEART company produced Art jewelry from the 1950s until the 1970s. They produced jewelry with interesting stones and color combinations.- $45.00

Item 170: Christian Dior Clip earrings -
Bright goldtone earrings with a braided design in the metal and large blue cabochons. Signed: Chr. Dior©. Condition: Excellent. Size: 1" by .5".- $85.00

Item 173: Florenza Set -
Matching goldtone bracelet and dangle clip earrings. The bracelet has five strands of creamy white pearls with a large center medallion. Decorative colored rhinestone on the foldover clasp. Both the earrings and bracelet have beautiful givre cabochons which show shades of both lavender pink and blue. Colorful pink, red and green rhinestone accents on both the earrings and bracelet. Bracelet: 7" by 1.25". Clip earrings 1.25" and the creamy white baroque pearls dangle. Condition: Excellent. Signed: Florenza ©.- $235.00

Item 180: DeRosa Fur Clip -
Large goldtone floral fur clip with a large unfoiled pink center stone. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2.5" by 2.5". Signed DeRosa.- $285.00

Item 183: Fred A. Block Brooch -
Striking Goldtone pin with very pale light blue stones surrounding three amethyst stones. Pointed dangles at the bottom of the pin. All stones are unfoiled and prong set. Fred A. Block costume jewelry was made from the 1930s until the 1950s. His jewelry is very rare and highly collectible. Signed: Fred A. Block on an applied plate. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2.5" by 3".- $450.00

Item 185: Juliana Set -
Matching goldtone bracelet and clip earring set. Classic Juliana construction of five oval links adorned for florets of prong set lavender pink stones. Foldover clasp with safety chain. Condition: Excellent. Juliana jewelry was unsigned except for paper hang tags. Size: Bracelet 7" by 1". Earrings 1.25" by .75".- $225.00

Item 188: Joan Rivers Bangle Bracelet -
Goldtone hinged bangle bracelet with teal green enamel and clear rhinestone accents. Push in clasp. Signed Joan Rivers. Size: 7 (interior ) by .5". Condition: Excellent.- $65.00

Item 190: Monet Bow Pin -
Rhodium plated bow pin with clear rhinestones and small marcasites. Faceted glass dangles and the end of the bow streamers. Signed: Monet. Size: 2" by 1.75". Condition: Excellent.- $65.00

Item 205: Marie Ferra Brooch -
A big and bold rhodium plated pin with large black and clear rhinestones all of which are prong set. The Marie Ferra line of jewelry has been in production for 40 years and carried by upscale New York Department stores like Neiman and Bendels. Size: 2.75". Condition: Excellent. Signed Marie Ferra ©.- $125.00

Item 218: Jeanne Butterfly Pin -
Brushed goldtone vintage butterfly pin with clear rhinestones and colored cabochons. Not a great deal is known about Jeanne. The jewelry was thought to be made during the 1950s and 1960s. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2.5". Signed: Jeanne ©- $65.00

Item 348: Contemporary Swag Choker -
Intricate necklace designed by a team of modern designers. Erickson Beamon jewelry is a partnership between Vicki Beamon and Karen Erickson who have been designing glam upscale jewelry for over 20 years. A spider web of chains and light pink and amethyst glass beads cascade from a japanned memory wire choker. Swarovski crystal rhinestones are scattered here and there. Lobster closure. Necklace is adjustable to 15". Cascades 4". Condition: Excellent. Signed on a plaque Erickson Beamon.- $250.00

Item 351: Alice Caviness Set -
Vintage goldtone brooch and matching clip earrings in pastel shades of blue, pink and aqua. The larger pale blue pear shaped stones are satin glass on both the earrings and vintage pin. Alice Caviness started manufacturing jewelry in the 1940s until the 1980s. The jewelry is relatively rare. Pin: 2.2. Earrings: 1.25". Signed: Alice Caviness on all pieces. Condition: Excellent.- $135.00

Item 354: Avon Clip Earrings -
Goldtone dangly earrings with large faux turquoise center stones. Rope design metal work. Size: 2" by .5". Condition: Excellent. Signed: Avon ©.- $25.00

Item 404: Florenza Pin -
Goldtone pin with white enamel, bright pink rhinestones and pearls. The bottom of the pin dangles. The Florenza name in vintage costume jewelry was first used in 1948 and ceased production in 1981. The company is known for their enamel pieces and Victorian looking jewelry. Condition: Very good. Size: 3" by 1.5". Signed: Florenza©.- $30.00

Item 410: Warner Pin -
Silvertone brooch with amethyst and blue rhinestones all prong set. Very striking design. The construction of the brooch is excellent. The back appears it could have been made for fine jewelry instead of rhinestones. Warner made jewelry from the 1950s to the 1960s. Signed: Warner on an oval applied plate. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2.5".- $95.00

Item 412: Lisner Bracelet -
Rhodium plated link bracelet with carved frosted lucite leaves showing shades of teal and lime green. Light blue rhinestone accents. Signed: Lisner © on the foldover clasp. Size: 7" by .9". Condition: Excellent.- $45.00

Item 429: Original by Robert Pin -
1960s goldtone free form pin with sparkling aurora borealis stones and hand wired creamy pearls. The brooch incorporates many unusual shaped stones all of which are prong set. The back of the pin is very much in the Miriam Haskell filigree style. Signed: Original by Robert. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2.75" by 2.5".- $165.00

Item 440: Juliana Bracelet -
Goldtone bracelet with five oval links adorned with vibrant green and pale citrine rhinestones all prong set. Delizza and Elster jewelry originally only had hang tags. Attribution is because of design and construction. Foldover clasp. Size: 7' by 1". Unsigned. Condition: Excellent.- $150.00

Item 472: Glamour Floral Pin -
Large sterling silver 1940s vintage pin with a light gold vermeil. Possibly an orchid? Three unfoiled aquamarine colored glass stones with clear rhinestone accents. Signed: Sterling by Glamour. Glamour jewelry was a sub division of Coro. Condition: Excellent. Size: 3.75" by 3".- $285.00

Item 500: Monet Clip Earrings -
Goldtone oval earring with large green center cabochons. Signed: Monet ©. Size: .8". Condition: Excellent.- $45.00

Item 553: Napier Bracelet -
Vintage goldtone creamy pearl bracelet with a goldtone chain snaking around the pearls. Very striking. Foldover clasp. Signed: Napier Pat.4774743. Length: 8" . Condition: Excellent.- $65.00

Item 579: McClelland Barclay Vintage Jewelry Pin -
1940s smooth goldtone bow pin with pave clear rhinestones and ribbons of pave sapphire blue rhinestones. McClelland Barclay designed costume jewelry during the 1930s and 40s until his untimely death during World War II. Most of his designs of costume jewelry reflect the Art Deco period. The condition of this pin is excellent. No wear to the goldtone finish. The rhinestones are all present and sparkle. Size: 3" by 1.25". Signed MClelland Barclay.- $285.00

Item 677: Christian Dior Earrings -
Goldtone clip earrings with a large glass onyx colored center cabochon circled by clear rhinestones. Condition: Excellent. Signed: Chris.Dior©Germany. Size: .8".- $55.00

Item 686: DeRosa Fur Clip -
Early slightly domed goldtone fur clip with large amethyst colored glass stones. Ralph DeRosa founded his company in NYC and was one of the first manufacturers of good quality costume jewelry. He also made jewelry for Schiaparelli. Operations ceased in 1970. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2" by 1.5". Signed: DeRosa.- $185.00

Item 700: Original by Robert Crown Pin -
Although this brooch is unsigned it is attributed to Robert. Goldtone twisted wire design with pastel blue, green and pink stones which are all unfoiled and allow light through. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2.2".- $135.00

Item 894: Robert Set -
Goldtone pin with clear rhinestones and creamy pearls. Some of the pearls and rose montees are hand wired to the pin similar to the construction on Miriam Haskell jewelry. Matching clip earrings. Signed on the pin Original by Robert, and on the earrings Robert. Condition: Excellent. Size: Pin 2.2" by 1.1". Earrings: 1".- $125.00

Item 901: Nordic Sterling Pin -
Vintage Sterling silver brooch with a vermeil giving the appearance of rosegold. Extremely well made and substantial. Large marquise shaped unfoiled amethyst stones. Clear rhinestone accents. Signed: Nordic Sterling. Circa 1940s. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2.75" by 1.75".- $165.00

Item 994: Reinad Retro Pin -
Vintage brooch from the late 1940s with a bold strong look. Substantial in construction and weight. Free form design with a large faceted unfoiled amethyst glass stone and pave clear rhinestones. Condition: Excellent. Signed: Reinad. Size: 3" by 2.4".- $230.00

Item 1014: Robert Set -
Goldtone pin and earring set. Wonderful combination of creamy pearls and clear rhinestones with some small aurora borealis stones. The pin is signed Original by Robert. The clip earrings are unsigned. Pin: 2.5" by 1.5". Earrings 1" by .5". Condition on all pieces is Very Good.- $165.00

Item 1016: McClelland Barclay Art Deco Pin -
Goldtone shield shaped pin with a center medallion with green, red and blue stones. Clear rhinestone accents. Designed in the late 1030s-1940s by a designer who was a successful artist and illustrator and designed costume jewelry for a very short period of time. Noted for his distinctive Art Deco geometric costume jewelry, this jewelry is highly sought after. Size: 2". Condition: Good. Some slight wear to the goldtone as is typical of McClelland Barclay jewelry. Rhinestones all bright. Signed: McClelland Barclay.- $300.00

Item 1018: Marvella Bead Necklace and Earrings Set -
The necklace consists of two strands of small swirled aqua glass beads with tiny bead spacers. It is adjustable from 14" to 16" by a small tail of 5 beads. The clip earrings are circular and smooth goldtone with large and small beads hand wired onto the earrings. The earrings are clips and measure 1". All pieces are signed Marvella.- $85.00

Item 1022: Austrian Pin -
Layered tree pin with prong set ruby red rhinestones and aurora borealis beads. Japanned metal. Very three dimensional. Signed Austria. Condition: Excellent. Size: 4" by 2.5".- $85.00

Item 1032: French Fur Clip -
Striking silvertone fur clip with very large square rosy amethyst unfoiled glass stones all invisibly set. Bands of pave red rhinestones crisscross the top of the brooch. All stones are prong set. French made and probably dating to the late 1940s. Signed only Depose. Size: 2". Condition: Excellent.- $385.00

Item 1169: McClelland Barclay Pin -
Art Deco bow pin by a very sought after and rare jewelry designer who died in 1941 during WW2. Smooth goldtone pin with pave rhinestones and small square dark blue rhinestone accents. Signed: McClelland Barclay. Condition: Excellent. The goldtone is in excellent condition and the rhinestones are sparkly. Size: 3"by 1.5".- $225.00

Item 1226: Pennino Sterling Set -
Wonderful craftsmanship on this sterling/rose gold vermeil pin and clip earrings set. Red and clear rhinestone floral in a pinwheel design. Signed Pennino Sterling on the pin only. Size: Pin 2.5" by 2". Earrings are clips .75". Condition: Excellent.- $375.00

Item 1267: Napier Set -
Smooth goldtone vintage Napier pin and earrings set dating prior to 1954. Outstanding workmanship on this layered work of art. Prong set light and dark blue marquise rhinestones. Pin can also be worn as a pendant. Pin: 2.5" signed Napier. Earrings: 1.25" and are signed Napier Pat. Pend.- $250.00

Item 584: Reja Brooch -
Large Sterling silver brooch with a gold vermeil. Beautiful retro design with cutout work. The large square unfoiled glass stone is a pale aqua color and is prong set. Manufactured in the 1940s by a highly regarded company that made jewelry from about 1939 until 1962. Size: 3" b y 2.5". Condition: Excellent. Signed: Reja Sterling.- $245.00

Item 1148: Barclay Bracelet Set -
Sparkling silvertone link bracelet and matching clip earrings from the 1950s. It features five silvertone links each decorated with prong set rhinestones in various shapes and in shades of dark and light blue. Decorative rope design edging. Push in clasp with safety chain. Barclay made vintage costume jewelry from about 1946 until 1957 and was located in Providence, R.I. All pieces signed Barclay. Made with quality and heft. Size: 7.5" by .75". Each oblong measures 1". The earrings are clips and measure 1" by .5". Condition: Excellent.- $120.00

Item 30: Napier Necklace -
Goldtone necklace with a central large smokey amber center stone and three dangles. The center of the necklace is rigid and is attached to flexible snake chains at either end. Length 14.75". Signed Napier on the hook closure. Condition: Very Good.- $65.00

Item 214: Robert Pin -
Goldtone pin with hand wired seed pearls and clear rhinestones. Three baroque pearl dangles at the bottom of the brooch. Beautiful construction. Signed: Original by Robert. Condition: Very Good. Size: 3" by 2".- $165.00

Item 227: Juliana Bracelet -
Wide silvertone bracelet with pale pink round center stones and amethyst marquise rhinestones. Black Diamond accents. Classic five link design with oval metal work on the back. A hallmark of Juliana jewelry which was never signed except for paper handtags. Juliana jewelry was made by DeLizza and Elster in the 1960s. Foldover clasp with safety chain. Condition: Excellent. Size: 7" by 1.5.- $210.00

Item 228: Regency Pin -
Sparkling goldtone brooch with some aurora borealis rhinestones. The center glass stone is unfoiled. Very three dimensional. Can also be worn as a pendant. Signed: Regency. Size: 2" by 1.5". Condition: Excellent.- $85.00

Item 594 Gale & Friends Christmas Tree Pin –
Although unsigned this tree is attributed to the designer Gale & Friends. Gold tone triangular tree with wires in the center decorated with rhinestone ornaments and a bow at the bottom. Unsigned but pictured in “Christmas Trees” by Nancy Trowbridge. Size: 3.5”. Condition: Excellent.- $65.00

Item 1152 AJC Bow Christmas Tree Pin –
Textured gold tone Christmas tree pin with green enamel and red bows. Gold tone star at the top. Signed: ©AJC. This company manufactured Christmas jewelry from the 1990s until 2002. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2.5”.- $45.00

Item 57 Fred A. Block fur clip –
Vintage 1940s sterling silver fur clip with a gold vermeil in a twisted wire design. Large amethyst prong set stone with clear foiled and unfoiled rhinestones. Another designer who made jewelry in this design was Vogue. All stones are prong set. Condition: Very Good. The vermeil is in excellent condition as is the mechanism on the clip. Size: 3" by 1". Signed: Fred A. Block and Sterling.- $210.00

Item 1178 Valentino Lucite Set –
Beautiful teal blue lucite bead choker with bright gold tone metal beads. The center bead is studded with large blue and green rhinestones. Push in clasp. Matching dangle clip earrings. Necklace length: 17” Earrings: 2” long. Condition: Excellent. Signed: Valentino on the earrings only. Original box included which is signed Valentino Bijoux.- $175.00

Item 538: Butler and Wilson Brooch -
Curled snake pin with a pave rhinestone head and red rhinestone eyes. Smooth gold tone on the front and textured on the back. Signed B&W. Butler and Wilson is a British firm that has a reputation for making stylish and unusual designs. They started making jewelry in 1960. Condition: Excellent. Size: 2.4”.- $75.00

Item 29: Whiting and Davis Coiled Snake Bracelet –
Bright gold tone mesh snake bracelet that is double coiled and adjustable to most wrist sizes. Wonderful detail on the head and tail. Egyptian revival style. Condition: Excellent. Signed on the head Whiting and Davis in a bow shaped cartouche. Size: 2” wide when double coiled.- $85.00

Item 56: Francois Floral Pin -
Brushed gold tone elongated floral brooch with pave rhinestones and one large pink rhinestone at the top of the flower. Francois was one of the high end lines of Coro jewelry that was sold only in better department stores. Size: 5” by .75”. Condition: Excellent. Signed: Francoise ©.- $65.00

Item 89: Staret Bird Cage Brooch
Wonderful vintage gold tone Staret trembler bird in a enameled and rhinestone gilded bird cage. The rhinestone studdded and enameled bird is on a spring that makes the little bird move. The cage itself is suspended from a bow with blue enamel and clear rhinestones. The condition of this treasure is excellent. The enamel is intact and the rhinestones bright. Size: 3”x 2. Signed: Staret.- $485.00

Item 90: Frank Gargano Sterling Silver Bird Cage Brooch
1940s Sterling with a gold vermeil bird cage pin that dangles from a clear rhinestone encrusted bow. Inside the bird cage is a bird sitting on a branch. Signed only Sterling and PAT. PEND. However, patent 146564 was issued to Frank Gargano in 1947 for this design. Size: 2.5” by 1.75”. Condition: Excellent- $325.00

Item 96: Monet Clear Lucite Necklace
Smooth gold tone necklace with square and disc shaped large lucite beads. Foldover clasp. Signed Monet © on the clasp. The necklace is 28” long. The largest square bead measures .5”. Condition: Excellent.- $45.00

Item 98: Swag Necklace
Early 1900s gold tone swag necklace. Seven thick round chains with three pastel glass floral medallions are designed so that the necklace gracefully swags when worn. The necklace is 16” long. Each medallion measures 1.75” by 1”. Older type of spring ring closure. Excellent condition.- $225.00

Item 108: Lucite Necklace
French lucite beads in black and clear. Accented with two larger black faceted beads and two clear circles. Spring ring clasp. Length: 24” Condition: Very Good.- $35

Item 112: Lucite Beads
Bought at a French flea market, lucite opaque black and clear round beads that are twisted together for a torsade design. Barrel closure. 26” long. Condition: Very good.- $45.00

Item 121: Sailfish Brooch
Sterling silver fish pin with a beautiful rose gold vermeil. Pave clear rhinestone accents on the tail nose and sail. Unsigned except for being marked Sterling. Size: 3” by 2.5”. Condition: Excellent.- $165.00

Item 131: Star Pen
Rhodium plated pin in the shape of a star. Sparkling clear rhinestones and deep citrine colored rhinestones. The brooch is designed in two tiers and gives a three dimensional appearance. All stones are prong set. Unsigned. Condition: Excellent. Size: 3”.- $65.00

Item 451: Robert Set
Vintage Original by Robert Russian gold tone pin and clip earrings set. Faux creamy pearls and sprays of leaves with hand wired roses montee glittering stones. The brooch measures 2.1” and is signed in a palette shaped cartouche: Original by Robert ©. The earrings measure 1.1” and are signed Robert. Condition: Excellent.- $195.00

Item 191: Panetta Clip Earrings
Gold tone clip earrings with royal blue marbled cabochons. Signed: Panetta. Condition: Excellent. Size: 1”. Benedetto Panetta was the designer behind Panetta jewelry and was in business between 1945 and 1980. The Panetta Jewelry company was known for its quality and the look of fine jewelry.- $45.00

Item 192: Les Bernard Clip Earrings
Bright gold tone dangle clip earrings. The top blue heart shaped cabochon is domed and has a reflective quality as though you are looking through water. The bottom stone is red and dangles. Signed: Les Bernard TM and made in USA. Size: 2” by 1”.- $85.00

Item 239: Vintage YSL Clip Earrings
Oval gold tone clip earrings with large center opalescent light green cabochons surrounded by a rope design. Condition: Excellent. Signed: YSL. Size: 1” by .5”.- $75.00

Item 975: Reinad Bird of Paradise Brooch
Large gold tone exotic bird brooch designed by Reinad. The Reinad Company was in business from about 1922 until the mid 1950s and made jewelry under their own name but also for other high end vintage costume jewelry companies. This is one of their most famous pieces. Large and substantial with pave clear rhinestones. Condition: Excellent. Signed: Reinad. Size: 3” by 3”.- $195

Item 232: Monet Bracelet and Earrings Set
Vintage matte brushed gold tone link necklace and bracelet set from the 1980s. The long 36” necklace is substantial in weight with large textured metal links and has a spring ring closure. Signed with a Monet © hang tag. The metal on both pieces is an unusual color often called “Russian” gold tone. The bracelet has a toggle closure and is signed Monet ©. The bracelet measure 8”.- $85

Item 233: Christian Dior Clip Earrings
Vintage gold tone clip earrings with pear shaped black glass cabochon centers surrounded by pave clear rhinestones. Signed: ChrDior©. Size: 1”. Condition: Excellent.- $45

Item 237: Valentino Clip Earrings
Vintage haute couture Valentino circular gold tone clip earrings with bright aqua enamel. Clear rhinestone accents. Signed with a large V. Size: 1”. Condition: Excellent.- $65

Item 263: Animal Head Bracelet
Spring mechanism clamper style gold tone bracelet. The bracelet is studded with opalescent aqua cabochons. Front closure with cat animal heads with pave clear rhinestones. Green marquise shaped eyes. Unsigned. Inside diameter with heads touching 6”. Because of the spring mechanism the bracelet will fit any wrist. Condition: Excellent.- $125.00

Item 264: Juliana Style Set
Rhodium plated leaf shaped brooch and matching clip earring set in dark blue and light green. The larger interestingly shaped stones are unfoiled. All the stones are prong set. The pin is domed shaped. Size: 3” by 1.75”. The clip earrings 1.8”. The condition is excellent on all pieces.- $145.00

Item 265: Panetta Clip Earrings
Panetta Clip Earrings - Mid century retro gold tone clip earrings with oval faux turquoise glass center stones in a scalloped smooth gold tone setting. Signed: Panetta. Size:1.75” by 1.25”. The condition is excellent.- $30.00

Item 266: Necklace and Earrings Set
Bright gold tone necklace with matching clip earrings. The necklace has three center round medallions with beads in teal and green. In between are large gold tone metal oval links with three diagonal green rhinestone accents. Hook closure. Total length of the necklace is 15”. Each medallion 1.2”. The oval medallion links 1”. Earrings are clips and measure 1.2”. Condition: Excellent.- $85.00

Item 268: Alexis Bittar Clip Earrings
Vintage chunky golden brown lucite clip earrings. Older design from Alexis Bittar, the designer most famous for his lucite earrings and bangles. Size: 1.4” by .6”. Condition: Excellent. Signed: Alexis Bittar on an applied plate.- $45.00

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